Welcome to Sugar Free Kosher Mama’s blog page! Here you will find amazing recipes that are not only free of refined sugar, they also taste AMAZING! As a professional chef, I will also help you perfect your baking skills and techniques along this journey. I have spent years of my life cooking home grown and organic foods for my family, for my customers at my bakery and restaurant, for my catering clients and more. I even spent a number of years developing and creating healthy foods for daycare aged children which had to meet various CACFP healthy diet requirements. I am so excited to have you join me on this journey! Without any further ados, let’s jump in! L’chaim! – Melly

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This is the cake for which you’ve been waiting your entire life! Decadent, moist, fluffy, rich, chocolatey, whole wheat, refined-sugar free……it’s a truly healthy chocolate cake! And it is one of the most delicious cakes I have personally ever had:). Light the fireworks because this one deserves it’s own parade! RECIPE 1/2 CUP SOURDOUGH STARTER … Read More

healthy whole wheat honey peanut butter cookies

My husband decided to mostly quit sugars around 3 weeks ago–after years and years of me urging him to make the switch. He was sitting at the counter, and it was as if a lightbulb switched on. He sat straight up, eyes big as saucers (after hearing more startling statistics from the most recent documentary … Read More

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Nearly 80% of Americans have tea in their cupboard, and over half of all of us drink tea every day! Tea is both delicous and super nutritious! Want to make the easiest and most nutritious tea possible? Grow your own herbs or flowers such as mint, lavendar, rosemary, lemon balm (my favorite) etc., dry the leaves thoroughly, grind the leaves, and use them with your own personal metal tea strainer to steep in hot water. I like to dry my herbs by tieing them toger at the base and allowing them to hang upside down from a rafter or hook for a few days/weeks depending on your climate. Check out one my favorite mesh tea strainers by clicking on the link below!


Tea parties are a super fun way to introduce your little ones to the joys of tea!