Homemade Yogurt with Organic Berries

Homemade yogurt topped with organic blueberries and zero sugar added granola.

Creamy, delicous, smooth yogurt can absolutely not be beaten! And it’s even BETTER when made at home by you! It’s so healthy and so veratile….. mixed into a salad dressing, topped with fruit, used as a smoothie base, swapped for sour cream on a potato, infused into baked goods…. it truly is a modern superfood! Exploding with good gut bacteria (probiotics), filled with protein, and made without any added ariticial sugars, it’s no wonder the yogurt industry is so huge.

Sadly, most yogurts purchased at modern supermarkets are not healthy nor good for us. While the orginal base product may have been teeming with life renewing probiotic bacterium, once processed and filled with deadly sugars and non-food chemicals, they become dangerous diabetic enhancers–a villain to be warded off rather than heralded hero it could have been. Making your own yogurt at home is super easy, and it’s an incredible “miracle” that will awe you and your children.

The health benefits of yogurt should also be touched on a bit more here as well. GMOs are often doused with glyphosate which is found in round-up. Glyphosate is a known antibiotic which kills the two main gut flora within your guts–lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. Yogurt just so happens to be filled with lactobacillus bulgaricus. Thus, for those of you who have suffered from a lack of good gut bacteria, yogurt helps to replace those friendly organisms to help your body function better. Furthermore, yogurt is an amazing protein source for those who don’t eat meat regularly. There are many more health benefits of this amazing superfood, but I’m going to leave it at my two favorite benefits for now.

Now, of course I’m going to advocate for using raw milk which has merely had the cream removed from the top for this recipe, but not everyone can freely access that superfood at this point in history. However, if you are one of the blessed souls who has access to such a treasure, by all means use the raw milk with this recipe. That being said, some people do have access to a wonderful product produced by Kalona Super Natural which is low vat pasteurized (thus, lower heat was used), and it is non-homogonized and still has the cream–delish! Not withstanding, organic milk still works amazingly well in this recipe (as I’m sure would non-organic milk, but I would never advocate purchasing that product for a number of reasons not the least of which is the horrible GMO feed fed to those particular bovine).

When making this yogurt, I have found it is best to begin this process directly after dinner, so it has time to “do its thang” by morning when some of you must leave home for the day. It’s something even the children can help create, and if started after dinner, they will be able to experience the “miracle” of milk turning into yogurt in the morning before they are busied by other duties.

The key ingredient to ensuring the success of this process is none other than already made organic plain yogurt with live active cultures. It is absolutely imperative that the yogurt contain live active cultures which will permeate and culture the new milk being added to the mix, or the process will not produce more yogurt. It is also important not to allow the yogurt to heat up too much as that may kill the cultures and thus prevent the yogurt making process from happening.

I prefer to use sterile glass quart jars for my yogurt, but any sized glass container can work as long as it fits inside of your oven. You will also need milk that contains 2% milkfat or more to produce the creamiest, thickest yogurt. A spoon also comes in handy.

Once you have purchased your 32 oz container of organic plain yogurt (Greek or traditional both work–just make sure it has no added sugars or flavors and that it has live active cultures), divide the yogurt evenly between 3 quart sized jars. Then, add your milk to each of the three jars, ensuring the liquid comes up to the neck or 1″ headspace mark on the jar for those of you familiar with canning. Cover with either a metal or plastic lid, but do not over-tighten the lid.

Then, turn your oven on for 4 minutes–just at its default setting. When four minutes are done, turn the oven off, and turn the oven light on. Now, place your jars filled with yogurt as close to the light as possible without them touching the light and in such a way that all three jars receive ample heat from the light. Shut your oven door. Then, wait for 8-12 hours. Check the consistency of your yogurt. It should be thick with a very little bit of whey separated on top. See picture below.

This is how your homemade yogut should look when ready.

At this point, you can divide the yogurt in each of the jars between 2 more jars and create a total of 6 jars of yogurt, or you can simply refrigerate and enjoy, making sure to leave at least 1/3 of the jar of yogurt uneaten, so you can start another batch. I suggest when you reach the bottom 1/3 of yogurt that you pour it into a clean jar and start over with the new jar.

There you have it! It couldn’t be more simple or more fun to make delicious, homemade, healthy yogurt! L’chaim!



Turn on oven for 4 minutes to its default setting. At the end of four minutes, turn oven off and oven light on

Divide the 32 oz of yogurt evenly between the 3 jars

Fill each jar to the neck or within 1″ of the rim of the jar with milk

Fasten the lids on to the jars and place in front of the oven light

Close oven door

Wait 8-12 hours, and you should have delicious, creamy homemade yogurt


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