How many times have you tried to made hard-boiled eggs only to end up with a complete disaster on your hands? With this recipe, you’ll never have that problem again! It’s nearly fail-proof!

Hard-boiled eggs are delish and oh so versatile. Served as a healthy snack, eaten on a breakfust bun, served atop a salad, or mashed up with some mayo and relish for a hearty sandwich filling, eggs are a true super hero.

But up until now, you probably hated dealing with the mess and difficulties of making hard-boiled eggs on a regular basis.

Ta-da! This lil’ gem of a recipe will change the way you view the process. It’s sooooo super easy, you can even cook them while you are doing dishes, eating breakfast, or walking the dog!

You will need an Instant Pot for this recipe to work, however. While I do make steamed eggs on the stove-top using a stainless steel steamer basket with fairly good success, these work way easier and are consistently perfect! The eggs in this photo are as fresh as you can get, and they still worked out perfectly!

I hope you can now enjoy these yummy lil’ nuggets on a more regular basis!

God bless and l’chaim!


  • Fill Instant Pot with about 1 inch of water.
  • Insert rack or steam pan into pot.
  • Place eggs on rack or pan.
  • Place lid onto pot, locking it into place. Ensure it is set to sealed and not to venting.
  • Set the pressure cooking time for 5 minutes.
  • It will turn on automatically. When it is done with its cycle, let it cool naturally in the pot. Do not release the steam or you won’t have as perfectly consistent good results.
  • When it is done naturally venting, place eggs into ice cold water and crack the shells.
  • Let the eggs with cracked shells soak in the cold water for 10-20 minutes. Then, peel and enjoy or refrigerate.

Enjoy! L’chaim!

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