Hello–I’m Melly.

Daughter of YHVH God. Wife. Mother. Teacher. Artist. Farmer. Chef. Health food store owner. Restaurant owner. Writer. Photographer. Health-food advocate. And so. Much. More. As any mother understands. Join me as I provide you with clean and healthy recipes that will help ensure you and your family’s health thrives. L’chaim!

Together, we can make a difference in the health of you and your family. I have devoted all of my adult life and the latter portion of my teen years to learning and studying about healthy life choices. As an avid organic farmer, healthfood store owner, organic restaurant and catering business owner/chef, committed wife and mother, I have laboriously studied and researched true healthy choices and what truly leads to a balanced, healthy lifestyle–no gimmicks–no fad diets. Authentic, real health that is sustainable as well as attainable.

My health quest journey all started when my mother, at the very young age of 38, suffered a heart attack. What? How could that happen to a seemingly fit, thin woman who still had so much life to live? At 18, my mind reeled with confusion, questions bombarding my mind tirelessly. I was shocked. I was scared. And I was also determined to avoid a similar fate.

At first, I erred. I quickly switched to low fat foods, including reducing my consumption of meats. After all, the 90’s touted low fat as healthy. However, I soon learned at the tender age of 22 how necessary healthy fats are to our diet. Not through reading but rather through experience later coupled with reading. I was pregnant. That miracle inside, that life which was growing, deserved the proper treatment, love and nutrition. I quickly stopped intensive exercise, cut out sugary foods, began walking and swimming daily, upped my lean protein consumption, incorporated healthy fats into my diet, cut out all sodas, and increased my water intake. I also had one very unhealthy choice I was not letting go of until that moment–smoking. I quit when pregnant. I felt AMAZING! Ok, let’s be honest; I felt amazing after the first trimester was finished, and I no longer only smelled tinny metal odors everywhere I went. However, the fact is, when I was pregnant, I felt so strong, so healthy, so full of life.

Of course, looking back, I can see YHVH God’s hand guiding me in these decisions and changes, but at the time, I just knew I felt better and whatever had happened was working. I maintained this diet and moderate exercise regime throughout my pregnancy, and when my sweet baby boy was born weighing in at 7lb 9 oz, my milk was like cream, and he glowed with that healthy breast fed glow.

Because I remained active with walking and swimming throughout my pregnancy, my labor was extrememly quick and easy, and I returned to my pre-baby weight within a month of my delivery. I continued to keep my exercise levels moderately low in order to avoid ketones in the breastmilk, and I regularly took him for walks around various locations and neighborhoods in Denver, so we could both benefit from the fresh air. When he was weaned, I then returned to more intensive exercise, but what one learns, and what I learned, is that with a truly healthy lifestyle and diet, moderate exercise is all that is required to maintain one’s physical well-being. That being said, with a healthy diet, one is also poised to employ more vigorous exercise routines if s/he should choose—which I did.

Sadly, after my son was weaned, I returned to smoking; the rest of my diet, however, remained fairly clean. At that time, I had never heard of organic or non-gmo. In fact, the world was only beginning to be polluted by GMOs on a commercial level. What I did understand about heatlh, however, was learned from my farming and ranching family background. My father had been raised on a dairy farm and cattle and horse ranch, and my mother had been raised on a sugar beet/potato/pinto bean farm. The women on my mother’s side all contributed to growing a large family “garden,” but by all means and definitions, it was much larger than a garden. I grew up with the sweet sound of canning lids popping, of the sight of pasta made with farm fresh eggs strewn throughout the house drying on sheets and blankets, of the delight of freezers stocked with beef from a family member’s cow, of the taste of crunchy fresh garden veggies as our treat, of the smell of matzo ball soup made with our freshly butchered chickens…and I could go on and on. What I did know was that healthy foods were identifiable as food. You could grow it, touch it, raise it, eat it–that was food.

It also helped that my husband and I were from extremely poor families, and we were both financially frugal as well. Being poor forced us to be creative and cook more of our foods at home rather than eating processed foods at restaurants. We were, however, by no means perfect.

In 2001, that all changed. I suddenly became allergic to EVERYTHING! It was crazy but a huge blessing. I could no longer smoke, chemical cleaners made me extremely sick and have breathing problems, processed foods made me sick and made my throat feel as though it were closing–in general, I could only use clean, natural cleaners, fragrance free detergents, lotions, and soaps, and eat whole, clean foods cooked with minimal additives. For 40 days after I quit smoking, I could drink only water and warm water with fresh lemon juice. I could physically eat only unleavened bread with no-sugar added jelly. At the end of that 40 day period, I felt like a new human being–spiritually and physically (which I will disucss more in the weeks to come:).)

At the time, I knew nothing about GMOs, organic, or any faddish health food trends. Once again, I just knew the changes worked. Thank YHVH God for His help and intervention.

Then, my world got rocked. I had been hearing YHVH God tell me to not eat regular chicken from the store (mind you, my hubby and I were living in town at this time without the ability to raise our own meat or foods). I also heard Him telling me to avoid additives such as maltodextrin, sucrose, etc. I was trying to obey, but I was confused. Then, I learned about GMOs. The foods God had been leading me to avoid were those most contaminated by GMOs–corn, animals fed corn and given GMO antibiotics, milk that wasn’t organic, soybeans, etc. In fact, I tried saving money one time and giving my son milk which was not organic but was RBGH-free, and he developed a horrible rash on his arms. Once I switched us back to organic dairy, the rash disappeared. It was truly a life-altering experience. I became more passionate, more devoted and more commited to living a TRULY healthy lifestyle.

I called myself a food nazi–not to make light of the horrible tragedy endured by my people during the holocaust–but I employed that extreme level of hatred and vitriole towards GMO foods when I learned of their horrible origins, methods, affects, and usage. I knew I wanted GMOs exterminated, annihilated, and done away with forever. I wanted to educate and inform people–I wanted them to save their children and future generations from the horrible attrocities of genetically engineered frankenfoods.

My first priority has always been my family, so I shared vocally on the streets, in the super markets, and in moms’ groups about the dangers of GMO foods while raising and homeschooling my son, all the while teaching him how to raise his own food, source and save open-pollinated seeds, etc. When my son was old enough and we had finished his homeschooling, we opened the first 100% non-gmo store in the state in which we live. In fact, I was unable to locate another store that was 100% non-gmo in any state near us. We were extremely successful, and we soon opened a restaurant/bakery/catering company in conjunction with that store which was also 100% non-GMO. I was on the radio each week teaching our community about true health. People were constantly coming in to ask questions. However, the business continued to grow to the point where I could no longer work that many hours each week without sacrificing my health, so I made the difficult decision to close it. I was working 95 hours-115 hours PER WEEK at the store!!! It was insane.

When I first prayed and felt to close the store and just continue the catering, I felt so guilty. People were crying–they were asking where they were going to get their healthy foods? Where would they eat for lunch after I closed? Where would they find another store they could trust that was truly all non-GMO? That didn’t and still doesn’t exist here. They were crushed.

But they had learned, they had grown, and they were more savey than ever about recognizing poisons in their food, and as any mother knows, there comes a point when all children must grow up and walk their own path, make their own choices, and become responsible for their own destinies. Thus, I had to save my own health at that time and trust YHVH God to help them. That being said, I still receive many a message and text asking health food related questions and for recipes, which I gladly accept. Thus, this blog.

This blog is for all of those health-store “children” and the many more people out there who need this help and advise in creating truly healthy recipes–no fads–no gimmicks. Thus, without any further ados, may YHVH God lead us together in a truly healthy lifestyle.